You all know that DU 30 called Cesar Gaviria, former president of Colombia, “Idiot.”  The editorial of today’s Inquirer ends with the paragraph: As is President Duterte’s wont, he reacted to the mirror of criticism dismissively, and reflexively used the language of insult he favors in public forums. “That idiot.”

With the clever choice of a punctuation mark – a period instead of a comma – the Inquirer has called somebody powerful an idiot without drawing adverse consequence, unless the idiot’s men are sharp enough to have caught the trick shot.  


KFC has delivery problem

At 11:35a.m. of Dec. 15, we placed an order with KFC. We were told delivery time is 45  minutes to one hour – at the gate of our subdivision.  As our order had not been delivered by 1:00 p.m. or one hour and 25 minutes after we placed the order, we followed up our order.  We were told by the call center that they will remind the store of our order and to keep our line open as we can expect a call from the store.


When no delivery had been made by 1:33 p.m., we called again.  We were told  that the store has been reminded.  We asked for the phone number of the store so we could call the store ourselves.  We called several times, but no one answered. At that point, we decided to call another chain.


The food was finally delivered at 1:50 p.m., two hours and 15 minutes after the order was placed. The explanation was that KFC has problems with the Internet.  Well, we called the land line of the store from which the order was supposed to come but no one answered our calls.


So, it’s not the Internet that is KFC’s problem. It must be it’s system.  Oh, we rejected the delivery because by then our order from the other chain was on its way.

Ms. Robredo’s inappropriate reaction to DU 30’s inappropriate remarks

I immediately sensed at the very start of Pres. Duterte’s account of how he and Finance Sec. Dominguez maneuvered to get a better view of Vice Pres. Robredo’s knees that the President was going out of the bounds of proper conduct. The story the President was weaving was beginning to sound like banter in men’s rest room.  I found that very unbecoming of the President to do during an official function, specially an occasion commemorating the anniversary of a tragic event.

I was eagerly waiting for the camera to pan to the Vice President so I would see what her reaction was.  I was surprised to see her smiling from ear to ear as if she was extremely flattered by the President’s expression of admiration of her knees. The President glanced at her from time to time as he was telling his story.  Seeing her smiling, the President seemed encouraged to weave a more elaborate story.  I expected the Vice President to look away or put on a grim countenance if not a sour face.   I have seen young women the age of her older daughters react more appropriately when the banter around the table takes on a greenish hue.

Top candidates for MVP honors not in Finals

The top two candidates for Most Valuable Player honors, Junmar Fajardo of San Miguel and Jason Castro of TNT, for the 2015-2016 PBA season won’t be in the Finals of the Third Conference.  But the top two candidates for Rookie of the Year trophy, Scottie Thompson of Ginebra San Miguel and Chris Newsome of Meralco, will be.  Both play the 2 position, although they play point guard when LA Tenorio and Jimmy Alapag need rest.

Meralco will be in the Finals for the first time. Only Reynel Hugnatan, when he was with Alaska, Jimmy Alapag and Jared Dillinger, when both were with TNT, have championship experience.  On the part of Ginebra San Miguel, Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand are veterans of championship games.   So are LA Tenorio, when he was with Alaska, and Joe de Vance, when he was with Alaska and Purefoods.  Japeth Aguilar saw action the last time Ginebra was in the Finals.      

Ginebra coach Tim Cone had coached Hugnatan when they were with Alaska, while Meralco coach Norman Black had coached LA Tenorio , Japeth Aguilar, and Nico Salva in Ateneo.

LA Tenorio had taken the role of Helterbrand a few years back and it looks like Thompson has eased out Mark Caguioa from the core of the team.   Caguioa was fielded in when Ginebra was leading by more than 20 points and with less than three minutes left. It looks like the end of the era of the Fast and Furious, or the Bandana Kids, as they were known when they were new in the league.  Actually, both wore headbands, not bandanas.

Bullet comments on Lower House hearing on drug trade inside Bilibid

  • Sen. De Lima (in interviews and in her privilege speech on Monday): Witnesses who will testify against me are maximum-security convicts forced, psychologically-tortured, and promised rewards to testify.
  • Justice Committee Chair Rey Umali (opening statement):   This is not about de Lima.
  • Umali’s statement in English were preceded with “ahh, ahh” and ended with “ahh.” It was grating.  When he spoke in Tagalog, he was very fluid, no “ahhs.”
  • Committee Vice Chair Oaminal: Visayan pronunciation of English words very disturbing.   Rolling for ruling, testemone, preson, yistirdy, ples red da litir. and many more.  Aguirre got infected by the Visayan and Ilocano pronunciation of many Congressmen and witnesses (“wetnesses” as Cong. Cagas said) that he said at one time “Dilema” instead of de Lima.
  • Committee Vice Chair Veloso (responding to Aguirre’s compliment): We are all brilliant here.   Not really, based on the interpellations of Cong: Lacson, Pacquiao, and Cagas.  Pacquiao asked Aguirre a question that had been answered previously; so Aguirre said, “I have answered that.”    Just like his brother in Senate hearings.            
  • DOJ Aguirre:  These witnesses on their own volunteered to testify. (But winesses’ testimonies all led to de Lima’s taking millions in payola.)  
  • Each of Aguirre’s witnesses: I am afraid of JayBee Sebastian, the most powerful and fearsome gang leader in Bilibid and de Lima’s  bagman.     
  • They all feared a prisoner but not Pres. Duterte who de Lima accuses of the man behind her present   persecution.  
  • Aguirre:  the proliferation of drugs in Bilibid  started in 2012 when de Lima made known her plan to run for the Senate in 2013 and her need to raise campaign funds.
  • PNP Officer Magalong:  PNP Intelligence info says it started in 2001.
  • Umali allowed some Congressmen to stray from the purpose of the hearing but on the whole he had good control of the proceedings.

Senate inquiry on EJK like an Iskul Bukul session

The Senate’s Committee on Justice and Human Rights started this week its hearing on the extra judicial killings of drug suspects. But much of the proceedings looked and sounded like a class session in Iskul Bukul. First to ask questions was Manny Pacquiao. Of course, he wants to show he is taking his new role as senator seriously by not only being every present in every session but by joining the deliberations.

Pacquiao addressing Harra, wife of killed drug suspect: Sabe mo walang nakohang drog sa bahay mo. Sabe ng poles mayrong nakoha sa position ng asawa mo.
Policeman: Opo, your honor, may nakuha po kami sa possession ng asawa niya.

Pacquiao addressing Mary Rose, daughter of drug dealing couple also killed: “Alam ba ng magolang mo na bawal ang genagawa nela? Alam ba nela na se Prisidinti ay galet sa droga?
(Is Pacquiao implying that Harra’s husband and May Rose’s parents deserved to be killed?. Anyway, after struggling for 38 minutes to think of what to ask and how to articulate his questions, he proceeded to the gym for his preparation for his next fight. He should also spend time practicing speaking)

Joel Villanueva: Thank you Gen. de la Rosa even if you did not honor my invitation to Bulacan where hundreds of drug users surrendered.
(What did that have to do with extra judicial killings?)

Tito Sotto: Are there still recording and television facilities in the new Bilibid prison?
(Is he suggesting that the number of killings has risen because there are no more entertainment facilities in the NBP?)

Ralph Recto: According to COA reports the PNP lacks 25,000 enforcers, 3,000 vehicles, and 16,000 firearms.
(What is his point, that there would be less killing if the PNP had a full force and complete equipment?)

Migs Zubiri: We should amend the bank secrecy law.
(Maybe there would be no more search-for-drug operations which are almost always resisted by drug suspects, which in turn result in violent encounters. Policemen can simply look at the bank accounts of drug suspects.)

Sonny Angara: The anti-wiretapping law should be reviewed.
(Perhaps if the drug suspects are wiretapped, there would not be violent face-to-face encounters between policemen and drug suspects.)

Greg Honasan: addressing Gen. de la Rosa: General, you call this campaign against drug war. Is there a frontline? Are your forces deployed in military formation, two squads in front, one as back up and the third as reserve as we were taught in military tactics?
(The two garrulous PMA alumni then engaged in recollection of what they were taught in the Academy until the senator was told to shut up, ahh to wrap up.)

JV Ejercito: I sympathize with police officers. As a former mayor, I know policemen would not be quick to shoot suspects because they know they would immediately be suspended without pay and charged with murder. Not only would they lose their source of income, they would have to spend for legal counsel.
(That may not be true anymore because of the shoot-to-kill order of the President and his assurance that he will protect the policemen. )

Dick Gordon: When I was mayor, I extracted from the captured drug dealer who is his suppler and he was captured I asked him the same thing until I got to the original source.
(I do not know how his approach relate to the current rampant killings on drug suspects?0

Win Gatchalian: I was also once a mayor. There was no killing in Valenzuela.

Classic Vic Lima flat jokes

April 14 DZMM Teleradyo Sais Trenta broadcast:

Comparing the ease with which Janet Lim-Napoles and Masbate Governor Rizalina Seachon-Lanete were able to post bail with the Kidapawan farmers’ continued detention because they could not post bail, Vic Lima said: The blindfold of Lady Justice is so fine she can see through.”

Karen Davila: “You are funny.”

That is why Vic gushes flat and oftentimes senseless jokes every day because Karen encourages him.

Several minutes later, after interviewing Pagasa (Weather bureau) forecaster Cinco about the day’s heat index, Vic asked:

“Could we be related? I am Lima, you are Cinco.”