Ms. Robredo’s inappropriate reaction to DU 30’s inappropriate remarks

I immediately sensed at the very start of Pres. Duterte’s account of how he and Finance Sec. Dominguez maneuvered to get a better view of Vice Pres. Robredo’s knees that the President was going out of the bounds of proper conduct. The story the President was weaving was beginning to sound like banter in men’s rest room.  I found that very unbecoming of the President to do during an official function, specially an occasion commemorating the anniversary of a tragic event.

I was eagerly waiting for the camera to pan to the Vice President so I would see what her reaction was.  I was surprised to see her smiling from ear to ear as if she was extremely flattered by the President’s expression of admiration of her knees. The President glanced at her from time to time as he was telling his story.  Seeing her smiling, the President seemed encouraged to weave a more elaborate story.  I expected the Vice President to look away or put on a grim countenance if not a sour face.   I have seen young women the age of her older daughters react more appropriately when the banter around the table takes on a greenish hue.


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