Vic Lima and Karen Davila rant out of ignorance

Vic Lima opened Thursday DZMM’s Teleradyo Sais Trenta with an announcement that old money bills will be replaced and can no longer be used in 2017. Karen Davila expressed loud protest saying it is unfair to those who live in rural areas where there are no banks where they could exchange their old bills for new ones.  The two, as they often do frequently, rant out of gross ignorance.   The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has been announcing the demonetizing of old bills for the last 22 months and advising the public through mass media to use their old bills or have them replaced with new ones by banks. 

While BSP Deputy Governor was distinguishing between old bills meaning well-used, crumpled, physically damaged or physically dirty and old bills meaning with series numbers that date back to many years ago, Karen was reading text messages from program listeners or talking to Vic Lima.  At one point Karen gives a hypothetical situation of a carpenter receiving his pay in December and spending it prudently as to have some money left by 1917.  She says that it is unfair to the carpenter as he is forced to spend his hard earned money before 1917 or lose its value.

The fault of Gunigundo is not explaining what bills will be demonetized.  It is only towards the end of the interview that he said Karen’s hypothetical situation cannot happen as the employer cannot possibly  be paying the carpenter old bills.  It is only at that point that he said old bills are those with series numbers that are 30 years old.  He could have made it clearer by saying that old bills are those with the picture and signature of Ferdinand Marcos.  Maybe he considered it irreverent to say Marcos-issued bills will be demonetized.