Bullet comments on Lower House hearing on drug trade inside Bilibid

  • Sen. De Lima (in interviews and in her privilege speech on Monday): Witnesses who will testify against me are maximum-security convicts forced, psychologically-tortured, and promised rewards to testify.
  • Justice Committee Chair Rey Umali (opening statement):   This is not about de Lima.
  • Umali’s statement in English were preceded with “ahh, ahh” and ended with “ahh.” It was grating.  When he spoke in Tagalog, he was very fluid, no “ahhs.”
  • Committee Vice Chair Oaminal: Visayan pronunciation of English words very disturbing.   Rolling for ruling, testemone, preson, yistirdy, ples red da litir. and many more.  Aguirre got infected by the Visayan and Ilocano pronunciation of many Congressmen and witnesses (“wetnesses” as Cong. Cagas said) that he said at one time “Dilema” instead of de Lima.
  • Committee Vice Chair Veloso (responding to Aguirre’s compliment): We are all brilliant here.   Not really, based on the interpellations of Cong: Lacson, Pacquiao, and Cagas.  Pacquiao asked Aguirre a question that had been answered previously; so Aguirre said, “I have answered that.”    Just like his brother in Senate hearings.            
  • DOJ Aguirre:  These witnesses on their own volunteered to testify. (But winesses’ testimonies all led to de Lima’s taking millions in payola.)  
  • Each of Aguirre’s witnesses: I am afraid of JayBee Sebastian, the most powerful and fearsome gang leader in Bilibid and de Lima’s  bagman.     
  • They all feared a prisoner but not Pres. Duterte who de Lima accuses of the man behind her present   persecution.  
  • Aguirre:  the proliferation of drugs in Bilibid  started in 2012 when de Lima made known her plan to run for the Senate in 2013 and her need to raise campaign funds.
  • PNP Officer Magalong:  PNP Intelligence info says it started in 2001.
  • Umali allowed some Congressmen to stray from the purpose of the hearing but on the whole he had good control of the proceedings.

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