Vic Lima talks incoherently once again

Commenting on the testimony of Edgar Manobato in the Senate hearing on EJK, Vic Lima said Sen. Panfilo Lacson lost interest in continuing to interrogate Manobato because the witness talked of the past. He elaborated minutes later saying that Manobato talked of incidents in 2002 when Lacson had become a senator.

Why would Lacson lose interest just because the witness talked of the past? Aren’t all testimonies about past incidents? Why would he lose interest in incidents that happened in 2002 just because he had become a senator?   

The real story is that Matobato said that in 2002 PAOCTF Davao chief “Bato” de la Rosa ordered the kidnapping and killing of suspected international terrorist Salik Makdum.  Sen. Lacson did not find the testimony believable because de la Rosa could not have been PAOCTF Davao chief in 2002 because the PAOCTF (Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force) which PNP Dir. Gen. Lacson organized and headed had been dissolved when Lacson ran for senator in 2002.


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