Vic Lima bombs out once again During the Sept. 8 Pasada Sais Trenta program

Karen Davila:  All right, that is the way he speaks but when Pres. Duterte is dealing with heads of state, he should be more circumspect with his language.

Vic Lima:  That’s right.
Karen:  Besides, he had not said anything about Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs. It was the US press that speculated that Obama would question Duterte about human rights violations.
Vic:  That’s right.   
Karen Davila:  The poor Obama, this last foreign trip of his has been very unpleasant.  Firs, there was  his arrival in China for the G 20 meeting.  He was not given a red carpet reception, unlike the Russian and UK heads of state. Not even a staircase by which he was to go down from the plane was provided.  He had to get off Air Force One through the emergency exit. Then a lowly official shouted at his entourage  “Don’t cross the blue line.”       
Vic (who was fiddling in his seat while Karen was talking):  They did that to Duterte?
(Written all over Karen’s face was “Where have you been?” Well, very often Karen asks a resource person a question, and while the answer is being given, Karen reads a text message on her cell phone. When done reading, she asks the resource person the same question. Some high-ranking oficials have told her curtly, “I have answered that.”  Cong. Erice did that to her {with a tinge of irritation} during the inauguration of Leni Robredo as vice president.)
Karen:  We women should not allow the use of the curse pi (putang ina).  Why is the woman always the evil one?
Vic: The pa (putang ama) is also used sometimes.
 (Huh?  There are fathers who are whores or whores who are fathers?)  

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