Sept. 6 DZMM’s Pasada Sais Trenta

Karen Davila: Pres. Duterte lambasting and cursing Pres. Obama for the latter’s comment on the former’s war on drugs caused the cancellation of the bilateral talks between the two presidents. That was unfortunate as it could have been a great opportunity for Pres. Duterte to discuss with Pres. Obama US’ aid in modernizing our armed forces and US support of our stand against China regarding the Philippine seas.

Vic Lima: That’s right.

UP Political Science professor Clarita Carlos: What Pres. Duterte said about the US human rights violations is true. His words may not be politically correct, but that is how Duterte is. He should not pretend to be different when in the company of other heads of state. Let us not ask him to change. Let us accept him as he is. It’s time our president stood up to the US.

Vic: Lima: That’s right.

Permanent ambassador to the UN Lauro Baja: Pres. Duterte should be more prudent with his language when dealing with other heads of state. He can have an independent foreign policy but he should adjust his rhetoric according to the protocol of diplomacy.

Vic Lima: That’s right.

Karen Davila: On that note, thank you Ambassador.
Vic Lima: Mr. Baja became permanent ambassador because to him white is white and black is black.

Karen Davila: (silence)

Maybe the Manila Rotary Club, which had named Vic Lima in the past as Broadcaster of the Year, can name him Political Analyst of the Year for 2016.


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