The Supreme Court – instrumentality of the President

Is the Supreme Court under the influence of the President? Karen Davila asked. She was reacting to the question Sen. Leila de Lima raised: why did the Supreme Court hand down the ruling acquitting former president Gloria Arroyo of plundering PCSO intelligence funds only during the Duterte Administration and not during the Aquino presidency.

Karen wondered why the SC did not acquit GMA during PNoy’s incumbency if indeed there was no evidence that she pocketed PCSO money. Karen noted that Pres. Duterte had indicated during the presidential campaign that if elected he would pardon GMA. So she asked rhetorically if the SC handed down the ruling now because the incumbent president is friendly to GMA. It should also be noted that two of his cabinet secretaries, Silvestre Bello and Jesus Dureza, were also members of GMA’s cabinet. GMA thanked Pres. Duterte for “allowing due process to take its course totally unhampered”. That is a clear indication from GMA herself that Pres. Duterte had something to do with the ruling.

Yes, Karen, the SC is under the influence of whoever is president. It was under the dictates of GMA when she was president. Remember, the Renato Corona Court was accused of handing down 17 questionable rulings favoring GMA, her two sons, and her minions. (The SC allowed Mikey to run as partylist candidate representing security guards and tricycle drivers, allowed the breakup of a small district in Camarines Sur so that Dato would have a district to represent, and blocked the impeachment proceedings against Merceditas Gutierrez when impeachment proceedings are outside the purview of the SC. The great majority of the members of the Corona Court were appointees of GMA, including Corona himself whose appointment as SC chief justice was in contravention of the Constitution. Many of them are still in the SC and they all voted to acquit GMA.

Anyway, hooray to Karen for raising the issue and for asking the previous day why drug lord Peter Lim, whom Pres. Duterte threatened to kill as soon as he steps into Philippine soil, was received by him and walked away free when suspected drug pushers are killed outright by policemen even while they (the pushers) are asleep in their own abode. Right on, Karen Davila! Nacareer mo as you would say.

Oh, Karen can you ask the management of ABS-CBN to confine Vic Lima to news programs? He is too naive to grasp political issues to be able to comment on them intelligently. He spoils your pontifications with his irrelevant and shallow comments as during your discourse on the two afore-mentioned issues. With his diction he would make a better ANC newscaster than Karmina Constantino and Caroline Howard. With his booming voice and ever bright disposition, even when the La Salle Green Archers and the Golden State Warriors lose, he would be a better anchor (for newscasts, that is) than the soporific Ron Cruz.


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