Vic Lima

Vic Lima was in his elements in Friday’s Pasada Sais Trenta. Earlier in the day the new PNP director-General Ronald “Bato” del Rosario announced the reshuffle of the senior officers of the national police force. Vic showed his familiarity with the PNP top brass as he had comments on the performance of most of the officers reshuffled. I have blogged several times that Vic is very knowledgeable and therefore very competent to comment on street crime and traffic but not outside those subjects.

Anthony Taberna was solo in last Thursday’s Dos Por Dos because his co-host Gerry Baja was receiving the Manila Rotary Club’s Male Broadcaster of the Year award at the time. Anthony asked Karen Davila, who seemed to have lingered in the studio after her Pasada Sais Trenta program, to join him. After some repartee between the two, a listener texted Karen saying that she and Anthony have intellectual chemistry. I take it the texter was implying that Karen and Vic do not have it.

I have blogged several times more or less the same thing. There is a wide intellectual gap between the two. After all, she is a UP Graduate and TOWNS awardee, as she never fails to mention every time the circumstances give her the chance to say it. Vic’s jokes are too crude for Karen to appreciate – or even get.


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