Karen Davila showing off again?

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by a reporter what he thought of Brexit. “What’s that?” he asked.

The day after the Britons voted to leave the European Union, Trump flew to Scotland to inaugurate his golf course there. In his opening remarks, he praised Brexit, not knowing the people he was addressing – the Scots – voted overwhelming to remain in the EU.

So the joke among political analysts interviewed by CNN talk show hosts like Erin Burnett and Don Lemon is that Donald Trump does not know what Brexit is all about.

Came Karen Davila to her talk show Pasada Sais Trenta Friday afternoon. She discussed Brexit and its political and economic implications. If Donald Trump, candidate for president of the United States didn’t know what Brexit is all about, did Karen Davila expect her program’s audience, which she often addresses as kapasada (public transport commuters) to understand what she was talking about or even care? Not only that, in her program Headstart incoming Secretary of Trade and Industry Ramon Lopez said Brexit would have little impact, if any on the Philippines.

Was Karen just showing off? In the course of her rambling, she said, “Yung ano ng ano,” reflecting her poor grasp of the issue herself.

Where was Vic Lima? He was there and as usual, he was trying very hard to join Karen in showing off his knowledge about the earthshaking development. As usual, whenever he strays from his beat of street crime and traffic jams, Vic stumbled badly and fell flat on his face. He kept on mentioning China.


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