Breaking records and losing championships

Was it Brent Barry who said that the Golden State Warriors’ effort to break the record of 72 wins set by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 plus their trying to stave off elimination by the Oklahoma City Thunder three times had about drained them of energy that is why Steph Curry and Klay Thompson bungled those 3-point shots in the last four minutes of Game 7 against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

That was the same question asked about another Cleveland team, the baseball Cleveland Indians of 1954. That year the Indians had already bagged the American League pennant after recording their 100th win and could have taken it easy for the rest of the regular season so the pitching staff, the winningest in the Major League, could be well-rested for the World Series. But they went after the American League record of 110 wins set by the New York Yankees in 1927. (That 1927 Yankee team, which had Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, among other Hall of Famer teammates, is regarded by many as the greatest baseball team in history.) The Indians did break the record by one win.

Came the World Series, the New York Giants, the champions of the National League, swept the Series. A substitute outfielder named Dusty Rhodes won two games for the Giants with homeruns off Hall of Fame pitchers Bob Lemon and Early Wynn. It was said the pitching staff (the others were Bob Feller, another Hall of Famer, and Mike Garcia) got spent breaking a record.


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