Coincidence or deliberate?
Was it coincidence that on the day after the elections, presidential candidate Rody Duterte and vice-presidential bet Bongbong Marcos were wearing strikingly similar polo shirts? Or did they plan to make simultaneous victory statements?

Recall the TV coverage of Mayor Duterte’s visit to the tomb of his parents and the about-to-start press conference of Sen. Marcos. Both were wearing red, white, and blue plaid (checkered) polo shirts. The two candidates were shown on Thursday evening news wearing the described shirts. If you missed the telecasts, dig out your May 11 newspaper. Photos of the two separate events of the same day show the presidential and vice presidential candidates wearing similar shirts, like they are the running mates of the same political party, just like Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo wearing yellow T-shirts. Remember, Mayor Duterte idolizes Pres. Marcos.

Reckless reporting
Commenting on Smartmatic replacing the hash code of the PPCRV transparent server (the OPCCRV quick count) Karen Davila in her Teleradyo program Thursday said the replacement has placed the count in question. She said it caused undue anxiety on the part of Leila de Lima and Francis Tolentino who are contesting the 12th slot in the senatorial race as the lead of de Lima over Tolentino is only about 22,000. “Yeah!” said her co-host Vic Lima.

That jolted me as I knew de Lima was leading Tolentino by more than 1,200,000 votes. Anyway, Anthony Taberna, who must have been in the studio as he is host of the next talk show, corrected Karen right away.

It is not the first time Taberna corrected Karen. Karen has the habit of just blabbering without checking the facts first.

As for Vic Lima, whatever Karen says, he says “Yeah.”


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