Karen Davila was so excited about sharing her thoughts and showing off her knowledge on Sen. Trillanes’ claim that Duterte has P211 million in Bank of PI, J. Vargas branch, she fumbled terribly, showing instead her ignorance and shallowness.

Like a teacher lecturing to Grade III, right hand index finger flailing in the air, she made statements that only showed her ignorance. Examples are:

  1. She said only cash in hand has to be declared in the SALN. Wrong, cash in bank has to be declared also.
  2. She implied BPI released the information, even dragging the Zobel de Ayala brothers into the imbroglio when she made mention of them as supporting a different presidential candidate. Any staff member of a bank branch has access to the account of any depositor. A staff member who does not want Duterte to be president could have released the information. This is in sharp contrast to her commentary on the laundering case involving RCBC. On several days she zeroed in on the RCBC branch manager as the main culprit, never implicating RCBC top management or RCBC president Lorenzo Tan.
  3. She said BPI has been mum on the whole hullabaloo. That is because the bank secrecy law prohibits it from commenting on the matter. Didn’t she watch her own TV station’s coverage of the Senate investigation of the heist of Bangladesh’s $81 million? RCBC’s head of Legal kept on invoking the bank secrecy law when asked to about the bank accounts of fake depositors.
  4. She was confused as to who is incumbent mayor of Davao City – Sara or Rodrigo.
  5. She was not sure if Renato Corona was impeached or he resigned but subsequently said he was impeached as if impeachment was the other option to resignation. Corona was impeached (meaning accused) and removed from office because he was found guilty of the accusation.

She wondered if the illegally obtained information can be used to force Duterte to make public his bank account. How the information was obtained is beside the point in this case. Trillanes has not filed a formal complaint in the Office of the Secretary of Justice or of the Ombudsman. He is presenting the information to the court of public opinion or more appropriately to the electorate so it can judge presidential candidate Duterte.

She also displayed her shallowness when

  1. She let pass the statement of Mayor Duterte’s lawyer that there is nothing wrong with Duterte having a bank account. Karen should have said what Trillanes considers wrong is Duterte not declaring in his SALN the money in his bank account.
  2. She repeatedly asked rhetorically what if on May 2 Duterte’s account in the BPI branch showed only a few thousand pesos, and not P211 million as Trillanes claims. What the balance is in Duterte’s bank account on May 2 is not the point. What Trillanes said was Duterte had P211 million in the bank at the end of 2014 and Duterte did not declare that in his SALN.
  3. She also allowed to pass the statement of Duterte’s lawyer that the money in his bank account could include contributions to his campaign funds and therefore not Duterte’s money. Karen could have asked why contributions are deposited in his personal account and not in a separate account opened for the purpose.
  4. She asked Duterte’s lawyer why Trillanes knows so much about Duterte’s bank accounts. The lawyer answered she didn’t know. Of course she did not know. Karen should have not have asked her at all. (At that point, the Booming Voice Vic Lima made another statement of his wisdom. He surmised that maybe when Trillanes revealed the bank account number of Duterte, supporters of Duterte deposited their contributions in that account. So, is he implying Duterte’s supporters would not have contributed to Duterte’s campaign fund if Trillanes had not revealed the bank account number?)
  5. She compared the Duterte case to the Renato Corona case. She said in the case of Corona there was a legal case filed against him, and therefore there was legal basis to force Corona to open up his bank account. In the case of Duterte, no case has been filed against him. Why is he being made to reveal his bank balance? Because he is a candidate for president and he has been claiming that he is a man of integrity. Given his mayor’s monthly salary of less than P80, 000 how then did he amass so much money, Trillanes asks. Karen should have echoed the question.

Anthony Taberna and Jerry Baja got things right when they discussed the same subject in their program.


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