We ain’t stupid, Noynoy!

To justify his sister Kris riding in the presidential helicopter, PNoy told reporters that Kris was only a year old when martial law was declared and practically grew up seeing their family at their lowest point as they suffered from the abuses of the dictatorship. “I wanted to show her… the results of the democracy that our parents fought for. “

It is as if Kris has the opportunity to see the fruits of the People’s Revolution only now. In the last 30 years since the dictatorship was toppled and democracy restored, Kris has had an immensely blissful life: residence in the Presidential Palace with all the attendant perks for six years, and as presidential daughter courtship by the most glamorous bachelors of the time: Richard Gomez and Robin Padilla, movie stardom and movie industry awards (both monetary and honors), and two romantic relationships that bore sons.

The fortune Kris had amassed from her movies and TV programs had allowed her to see the world and even watch with second lover/partner James Yap at a mundane event: the NBA All-Star game. Her morning TV program had brought her to the country’s best tourist destinations and the best restaurants.

We do not find anything wrong with any of PNoy’s sisters to ride with him in any government vehicle or stay in a government facility for as long as the trip or stay is an official government function and the sister is acting as First Lady. But the trip to Southern Cebu was not an official function. It was to campaign for the Liberal Party’s candidates. Kris could very well afford to hire a private jet or helicopter, or even borrow one from any of the fabulously rich relatives or friends of the Aquinos. No, they used the presidential chopper.

Noynoy, itigil mo na ang pambobola mo. Hindi kami tanga.


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