Vic Lima puts his big foot in his big mouth for the nth time

April 13 Teleradyo:
Public Attorney Persida Acosta: The 75 Kidapawan farmers detained by the police would soon be released because some people posted bail for them.

Karen Davila: At P6,000 for each, that’s about P400,000. Who put up the money for them?

Acosta: Several people, among them a movie star, a doctor, and some politicians currently running for office.

Vic Lima: Who posted bail for them, Ma’am, Gov. Talino?

Acosta: No, several people.

Vic: What about the two policemen who are comatose, are you taking up the cudgels for them, too?
(The situation of Public Attorney Acosta defending adversaries – the farmers as well as the two policemen – never occurred to Vic. And to think the Rotary Club of Manila once named him Broadcaster of the Year.)

As was just proper and fitting, Teleradyo paid tribute to Jun Lingcoran, once chief of DZMM Radio Patrols, by showing his remains being laid to rest. While the proceedings were being shown, Vic recounted the big events he and Jun covered together, like the Rizal Day bombing. At one point, I wondered who Vic was honoring, Jun or himself.


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