Pres. Aquino’s silence on the sacrifice of 18 soldiers in the Tipo-Tipo encounter

Why have full military honors for the soldiers that were killed in the bloody encounter with Abu Sayyaf bandits in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan last April 9 not been held?

Why has President Aquino, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines not said a word in honor of the 18 fallen soldiers when their sacrifice was no less than that of the 44 fallen SAF men of Mamasapano fame? Remember, he attended the necrological services with all his four sisters for the fallen policemen, praying over the casket of each of them and handing a medal for bravery and a framed citation to the officer’s bereaved family. In addition, each family was promised between P1.5 to P2.0 million in monetary benefits, some of which to come from the President’s Social Fund.

Why the different treatment? Is it because he was making up for his monumental blunder in the case of the Mamasapano tragedy?


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