Did Supreme Court abuse its discretion?

The undesignated and undeclared legal counsel of presidential candidate Grace Poe has once again showed his indisputable bias toward Poe when he reiterated his previous assertion that the Comelec had abused its discretion in disqualifying Poe from running for president on the basis of her not being a natural born citizen when according to the Supreme Court statistics show that 99% of those born in the country have Filipino parents and that Poe’s physical features are very Filipino.

The baffling question is why the omniscient former chief justice of the Supreme Court has not championed the cause of former PCGGG chair Camilo Sabio who was disqualified from running for president by the Comelec, presumably for being unable to raise enough money to fund a national campaign.

Unlike in the case of Poe whose Filipino citizenship is based on presumption, Sabio’s citizenship is based on incontestable facts: born to known Filipino parents, possesses unmistakable Filipino features (the color of his skin is darker than Poe’s). He is 74 years old, well past the minimum age for a presidential candidate, and he can read and write (Sabio earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Xavier University {Ateneo de Cagayan} as valedictorian with a gold medal for academic excellence. He finished his Bachelor of Laws from the Ateneo de Manila University also as valedictorian with gold medal for academic excellence. He was a partner in the prestigious Law firm of Feria, Manglapus & Associates. He was professor of Political Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and International Law in the Ateneo Law School.

He meets all Constitutional requirements for a candidate for president, still he was disqualified due to the gratuitous presumption of the Comelec. Strange that Artemio Panganiban, the fountain of knowledge of the law and the champion of justice for all does not seem to care about the abuse of discretion by the Comelec in the case of Poe.

Did not the Supreme Court abuse its discretion by upholding the Comelec ruling on Sabio when it was based on a presumption and reversing the Comelec ruling on Poe on the basis of the Court’s own assumption?


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