The Blabbermouth of DZMM’s Teleradyo is back from his Holy Week break. On the Kidapawan incident, Vic Lima said last Monday: “3 dead, yet they were just asking for rice.”

As usual, he shoots off his mouth without getting the facts first. If he read the papers and viewed his own station’s video clips of the encounter between policemen and the rallyists, he would have known that rallyists were not just asking for rice, they were asking for the end of military operations in NPA territory. They were not asking nicely, they were pressuring the government to give in to their demands by blocking for days a national highway. When they were being dispersed, the rallyists reacted with force, resulting in the violent confrontation that caused the death of 3 rallyists and serious injuries to scores of policemen and rallyists.

On the blackout at the NAIA, Vic said: some checked-in baggage of passengers were opened and pilfered. When Karen Davila remarked that that does not reflect well on our airport personnel, Vic backtracked by saying that co-passengers could be the culprits. That can.t be as passengers have no access to baggage already checked in.


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