Supreme Court Passes Decision on Poe to the Electorate

I conclude from the cryptic announcement of Supreme Court spokesman Theodore Te and the statements of Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro that the Supreme Court is letting the voters decide whether Grace Poe should be president or not. Te’s announcement was phrased as “by a vote of nine to six, the Supreme Court allows Poe to run” for President while de Castro’s statements are that the final ruling of the Court will touch on Poe’s citizenship. It seems from those statements that the Court as a whole did not come to a decision on Poe’s citizenship and residency. The majority paased on to the electorate the judgment of whether Poe should be president or not of the Philippines.

The nine associate justices who voted in favor of allowing Poe to run must have submitted to the promptings of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban who has in his column in the Inquirer repeatedly written his belief: “I have always believed that doubts on legal issue involving elections and popular sovereignty should be resolved in favor of letting our people decide them freely through the ballot.” This statement of Panganiban has been quoted in advertisements of Poe’s supporters.

If this is so, the camps of Rodrigo Duterte, Jojo Binay, and Miriam Santiago will hammer into the head of the voters that Poe is an American.


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