Vic Lima Shoots His Mouth Off Again

On newspaper report that Duterte is frontrunner in a Metro Manila survey:

Karen Davila: the survey results are not conclusive because it the survey was

commissioned by Duterte.

Vic Lima: Of course, he who commissions the survey will be the frontrunner.

Karen: Not really. It depends on the integrity of the pollster. Pulse Asia is okay.

Vic Lima: Ah, okay.  


On Bank of PI ATM cards being skimmed:

Karen:  This is cause for concern for us.  We are BPI ATM card holders because

ABS deposits our salary in BPI.

Vic Lima: Question: why only BPI?

Karen: No, there are reports about BDO also.

Vic Lima: It’s rampant.

Karen: Some foreign syndicates are involved.  Many from Eastern Europe.

Vic Lima: I know a Bolivian was caught.

Karen: The Cyber Crime unit of the NBI had caught a Bulgarian.

Vic Lima: Ah, Bulgarian.


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