Presidential Race

Presidential candidate Jojo Binay has been referring to presidential bet Grace Poe as Amgirl, in pointed reference to Poe’s having renounced her Philippine citizenship to become an American citizen.   But when Binay was asked in the DZMM Pasada Sais Trenta program “Ikaw na ba?” Wednesday to describe Poe in one word, he said “patriot.”  

Most people must have thought Binay was being polite or has changed his regard for Poe.  No, Binay was only being consistent but outstandingly clever.  Boston is the home city of the National Football League team called Patriots, the Superb Bowl winner last year and in three other years. Poe studied in Boston College and whiles still a student there and Filipino citizen, she volunteered to help in the campaign of William Weld for governor of Massachusetts, whose capital and biggest city is Boston.  So, when Binay described Poe as “patriot” he meant a fan of the football team of Boston.  It is like him saying “Celtic” meaning a fan of Boston’s basketball team to describe Poe.                 

Yes, Jojo is a master of the double meaning.


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