When Karen Davila and Vic Lima, co-hosts of talk show Pasada Sais Trenta, learned that Filipinos residing abroad would not be coming home for Chrtistmas because of fear of the blullet planting incidents at the airport, Vic in an attempt to be funny, which he is wont to do everyday, “Don’t be afraid, just bring fertilizer with you.”  That goes to show Vic’s convoluted sense of humor, …err senseless humor.  Because fertilizer is associated with planting, Vic thought he would  be funny. But fertilizer enhances good growth of plants.  In effect Vic is telling Balikbayans to come home and enhance bullet planting.

Karen was too busy reading text messages in her cellphone to react.  But when Vic towards the end of the show said,”Joc Joc Bolante was right in distributing fertilizer in NCR,” Karen asked why. Vic said, “Because there is much bullet planting in NCR.”

To think the Rotary Club of Manila named Vic Lima “Broadcaster of the Year.”  Yesterday, the Catholic Mass Media Awards gave out its usual “dalawa-sinko” awards. Vic was shut out. The bishops seem to have better judgment than the much vaunted Rotarians of Manila. They showed better judgment in the past. Their thinking must have been infected by of their mayor.


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