Beware of indolent messengers and unreliable courier service

PLDT.   I received two notices of voice/internet restriction from PLDT (I have two lines) because I failed to pay the September charges. I rummaged through my mail to look for the September statements.   I realized I never got any September statement.  So, I called 171. As usual, it took me several tries before my call finally got through to Customer Service. 

I was informed that my September statements were received by Cecile Sarmiento on September 28.   Cecile Sarmiento left our employ in June 2014.  What this means therefore is that the courier of PLDT never came to my billing address.  Thinking that Cecile Sarmiento is still with us, the messenger forged the signature of Cecile Sarmiento to make it appear that he delivered the statements.  

So, check with your household help if they have received PLDT statements lately.  You might get disconnected and not know why or you might take it out on your maid, who is not at fault. 

Several years ago, I was getting notices of disconnection every other month during a period of six months. The reason for them is non-payment of overdue accounts. While there was no penalty imposed for late payment, it caused me a lot of hassle asI had to pay in a SM mall instead of in an RCBC branch in the neighborhood.  The hassle prompted me to monitor the delivery of PLDT statements.  I noticed that the statements came in twos, meaning statements for two months.  I realized that the courier was saving on trips. Instead of delivering statements every month, the courier delivered them every other month.  Naturally, the monthly statement not delivered on time triggered a disconnection notice.   

I was so incensed by my discovery that I wrote the PLDT president himself, Polly Nazareno, my former student at the Asian Institute of Management, to make sure that the proper action be taken against the PLDT courier service provider. Mr. Nazareno apologized.

After that complaint, I regularly got calls from PLDT asking if my statements have been delivered.  But I do not recall how long it has been since PLDT called to ask if the statements have been delivered. Maybe the courier service provider knows PLDT does not call anymore that is why the messengers do not deliver statements anymore, they just fake delivery receipts.    

BDO.  Also last September my BDO issued VISA card was declined by two establishments, a Shell station and a Wellcome grocery store. It is a good thing I had enough cash with which to pay for my purchases.  I could have just left the grocery at Wellcome, but I would have had to go through lots of trouble if I didn’t have enough cash with which to pay at Shell. I would have had to leave something valuable with Shell to be allowed to look for an ATM and then go back to pay and retrieve my valuable thing.  I would have been very late for my meeting or would have completely missed it. 

I found out I had not paid my August purchases.  Upon investigation, I found out I never got the August  statement.   I called Customer Service.    I was told that Elmer Muana received my August statement.   Elmer Muana is the telephone operator of the security force of the village.  He is stationed in the village clubhouse. What the BDO messenger did was dump all the BDO statements for the village residents with the security guard at the village clubhouse, presumably to spare the BDO messenger the trouble of delivering statements to so many houses in the village. 

The same thing had happened several years back. I wrote BDO to deliver the statement to my billing address to avoid late payment and the consequent penalty and the hassle stemming from my card being declined.     They did not heed my suggestion consistently.  So, I was almost placed in an embarrassing and troublous situation by the indolence of the BDO’s courier service provider in early September 

I sent a complaint letter to BDO on September 18.   To this date I have not received official response from BDO.   BDO is quick to impose panties and interest the day after due date. I had paid the penalty and interest in the first week of September to reactivate my VISA card.  Now that the whole mess has turned out to be BDO’s failing, BDO, in fairness to me, should also pay interest on the penalty and interest I had paid them, the interest computed daily.


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