Arroyo-appointed SC justices setting precedent

Supreme Court ssociate justice Marvin Leonen says that the granting of bail to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile for humanitariain reason is contrary to the rule of law and sets a dangerous precendent. That is exactly what the Gloira Arroyo-appointed associate justices have just done: set a precedent. With international human rights lawyer Amal Alamudin, now serving as counsel for accused and detained former president Gloria Arroyo, predictably pleading for bail for the sick Arroyo for humanitarian reason, , the eight justices appointed by Arroyo to the Supreme Court would easily grant bail also to Arroyo citing the Enrile case as precedent. Gaspang! Halatang halata.

These are the same SC associate jsutices who with Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona followed docilely Arroyo’s biddings.


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