Banking Service
Last week, I was at the Alabang Citi Arcade, West Service Road, Alabang  branch of Bank of Philippine Islands to withdraw $5,000.  I was asked if I had notified the bank earlier that I would withdraw such amount.  When I said “No,” BPI teller Romarico Tumbaga or Tumbaya gave me a sour countenance and said “Sorry, but we cannot accommodate your withdrawal.” I said my money is withdrawable upon demand and that I was never told by the bank that I had to notify it in advance when I withdraw money.  Whereupon he turned to branch Assistant Manager Maria Luz  Acosta, who also said that my withdrawal cannot be accommodated as I had not informed the bank before of my intention to withdraw. As I told the teller, I told the assistant branch manager firmly that she cannot deny me the money I wanted to withdraw.  Noticing the sternness of my facial expression and my voice, she said she would accommodate my withdrawal. She did.
Tokyo Tokyo at Alabang Town Center 
The tempura I ordered last week from Tokyo Tokyo at the Alabang Town Center was overfried. It was like eating chicharon, not the Lapid variety but the kind sold at supermarkets.
Wheelers Club International has ceased operations
We were desperately calling Wheelers Club the other day for assistance but we got no response from any of their contact numbers (two land lines, one mobile phone, and 911 number).  We tried again yesterday and today, still no response.  We googled Wheelers Club today.  We gathered they have ceased operations on December 5, 2014.  The notice posted on Facebook said that request of refund for the unexpired membership (December 6, 2014 to June 30, 2015 in the case of our two vehicles) should be filed by January 31, 2015. Wheelers never notified us of their impending closure. Wheelers in fact , raised their rates in June 2014.  They should have known by that time that their business was failing and closure of operations imminent.
A government agency should compel Wheelers to refund members the dues paid for the unexpired period.  Calling the Department of Trade and Industry and the Land Transportation Office.        .

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