Asian Hospital and St. Luke’s Global

Asian Hospital and St. Luke’s Global are very expensive hospitals however, their nursing staff and assistance are highly competent, extremely thorough and happy doing their work. The difference is that Asian’s nursing staff is undermanned that is why one male nurse told me “Sir, bawal kayong iwanan ng anak ninyo. Dapat isa sa kanila nakabantay.” Response time to patient’s request for assistance is significantly longer at Asian. During my 7 day stay at Asian, I was given a sponge bath in the morning of the day I was discharged. In the 4 days that I was in a private room in St. Luke’s I must have been given a sponge bath every other day. During my stay at Asian, the outsourced kitchen staff was replaced by in-house kitchen employees. I had two previous episodes at Asian and I was contented with the food. I got green salad with vinaigrette. The new kitchen staff fell short of the standards set by the previous outsourced caterer. I never got coffee for breakfast. Billing time at Asian is also twice longer than at St. Luke’s.


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