Hospital best place for Gloria Arroyo

Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez filed a resolution in the House of Representatives declaring the posh La Vista residence of Gloria Arroyo a state-run jail so that she can be placed under house arrest there.  Rodriguez said Arroyo deserves special treatment because she is a former president, a woman and “she is very very sick”
Arroyo is already getting special treatment because she is a former president q and because she is supposed to be sick. Instead of being placed in a detention cell, where she should be, being accused of plunder and electoral fraud, the Sandiganbayan has allowed her to be confined at the well-equipped and well-staffed Veterans Memorial Hospital.  And she occupies a suite instead of a regular room there.
And yet she is not even that sick, otherwise her husband and her son Dato and spouse would not be vacationing in Europe now and son Mikey and spouse in the US.
Actually GMA asked the Sandiganbayan to place her under house arrest in her Lubao, Pampanga house.  But Rodriguez wants her in iher palatial home in La Vista.   Should we entrust the review of the BBL to this generous and accommodating congressman to chair the committee reviewing the BBL?
What is Rodriguez up to?  Isn’t he one of the congressmen implicated in the Napoles pork barrel scam

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