Ranidel de Ocampo’s snide remark and Ivan Johnson’s deliberate bump

Remember the case of Daniel Orton, Purefoods’ original import for the ongoing Commissioner’s Cup? He was fined P250,000 for disparaging the league, referees, and Manny Pacquiao (as a joke of a basketball player and coach). I think Ranidel should also be fined for his disrespectful remarks about Yeng Guiao. In the post-game interview by courtside reporter Erika Padilla, Ranidel said, “Naunahan ni Ivan si Coach Guiao. Dati si Coach Guiao ang nauuna.” That is a snide remark against a PBA head coach.

What Ranidel said about Coach Guiao is true, so also was what Orton said about Pacquiao. But Orton was fined for his negative remark, among others, on Manny, Ranidel was not for his dig at Coach Guiao.

Burger King’s Wynne Arboleda was suspended without pay for the rest of the 2009-2010 season for going after a fan who was razzing him all game long, landing a kick and some punches. The suspension meant P2.73 million in lost income, not including won game and player award bonuses.

Renaldo Balkman, the import of Petron Blaze in the 2013 Commissioner’s Cup, was fined P250,000 and banned for life after he went into a rage over what he felt was a missed foul call by the referees. He bumped two referees, shoved Petron Blaze’s Assistant Coach Biboy Ravanes and teammate Ronald Tubid, and grabbed the neck of Arwind Santos, who were only trying to pacify him.

Talk ‘N Text’s Ivan Johnson was only fined P150,000 for deliberately (according to the Commissioner himself) bumping Rain or Shine Coach Yeng Guiao without any provocation. He was not meted any suspension. While there was no violent physical aggression on his part, still there was deliberate contact – and without provocation. Guiao himself has been handed out a one-game suspension for pointing a dirty finger at the officials’ table.

This is what I meant when I wrote in a previous blog that Rain or Shine will end up at the short end of things if matters are decided at the Commissioner’s Office.

Let me close this blog with an expression of disappointment at TNT Coach Jong Uichico. Among the coaches with multiple championship rings – Tim Cone, Chot Reyes, Norman Black, Yeng Guiao, and Ryan Gregorio, Jong is the mildest of them all when it comes to protesting referees’ calls. For that he does not draw boos and catcalls from the fans of the opposing team. It can be said – pardon the quaint English – that he is the least disliked by the fans of the team Jong’s team is playing against.

I was disappointed though when Jong said at the press room after the game that he didn’t see his import Ivan bumping Yeng, not even the replay. The game was stopped by the referees to discuss the incident. The RoS team officials, assistant coaches, and practically all the players were on their feet complaining, the giant monitor in the stadium replaying the incident causing the commotion. I can’t believe that Jong did not ask what the furor was all about that is why nobody pointed at the monitor for Jong to see what was causing the commotion. I can only conclude that he was avoiding having to make a judgment on his import’s conduct before press people and the TV viewers. My disappointment was over his copout.


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