Iskul Bukol star pupil tries to be cute once again

Iskul Bukol star pupil Tito Sotto walked out of class, errr the Senate hearing Monday morning. When it turned out that Mohagher Iqbal is not the real name of the MILF chief negotiator, Sotto walked out by saying that he does not talk to an unknown personality. He should refrain from talking then to the mayor and vice –mayor of Manila as they are both unknown personalities, Joseph Estrada and Isko Moreno not their real names.

DZMM’s reporter tries hard again

Radio announcer/commentator Vic de Leon Lima tried to be knowledgeable again Monday afternoon. After Sen. Antonio Trillanes told him he will file a resolution in the Senate to investigate the Court of Appeals justices who issued a writ of injunction against the Ombudsman’s suspension order to Makati Vice Mayor Junjun Binay, Vic called the Integrated Bar of the Philippines for its comment on Trillanes’ plan. The IBP man – he called Vic “tukayo” – said the Senate has no jurisdiction on the Court of Appeals, adding that the justices would know what to do if the Senate summons them.
Vic still asked the IBP man if the IBP would prevent the justices from going to the Senate in case the Senate summons them. The IBP man just said the Senate has no jurisdiction over the justices. What does he think the IBP is that it can tell justices of the Court of Appeals what to do? No, Vis is not a pupil in Iskul Bukol. He is from Iskul Bokal.

Oh, he is not done yet with his jokes on the rape of a cow. He brought up for the nth time the month-old subject of the raped cow to be able to squeeze in his pun “cowcaine” – the rapist must have been under the influence of “cowcaine,” bellowed the veterinarian – oops, veteran broadcaster. He asked a field reporter if the family of the cow is filing a complaint.

Too bad his co-host Karen Davila was not around to cut his “fat”uous commentary.


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