Karen Davila fishes for free ticket to Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

A frequent subject of Karen Davila and Vic Lima’s hour-long portion of DZMM’s Teleradyo Sais Trenta program is Manny Pacquiao. They make no bones about their idolization of Manny Pacquiao. Karen has said Manny is not only a great boxer, he is a great person. She has lavished him with praises, she had drawn sympathy for Manny in his tussle with BIR’s Kim Henares. She is even crashing the gates of heaven for him to beat Floyd and to preserve his fabulous wealth and protect it from parasites. Karen, a born-again Christian, implores her listeners to pray that Manny, also a born-again Christian, is divinely inspired so as to realize the urgency and importance of engaging the services of an established financial adviser so that his winnings are preserved and managed properly instead of squandering his prize money on the opportunists and parasites hanging around him.

At one time in a news program, Vic ad-libbed in disgust “My God!” when he read the news item that BIR Kim Henares will make sure that Pacquiao pays the right tax on his winnings from his bout with Floyd Mayweather. He made it appear that Kim Henares is heartless by chasing a man who gives so much honor to the country to pay the right tax. (Vic Lima expresses no disgust at Congressman Pacquiao receiving his full pay and allowances as member of Congress when he had been present in plenary and committee sessions only five times because he is training for a fight and playing basketball for which he is paid handsomely, too.)

It should be noted it was in Karen and Vic’s program where the May 2 bout between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather was first announced. While discussing the tragic Mamasapano incident, Karen and Vic suddenly cut into an interview of Cloma, one of Manny’s companions when he went to Miami to be a judge in the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. They asked Cloma if indeed Manny and Floyd talked during a Miami Heat game and what they talked about. During that interview, Cloma revealed that the long awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight would finally take place on May 2. Considering that Cloma is not an official member of Manny’s camp, that announcement was taken with a grain of salt. But it turned out to be a spectacular scoop for Karen and Vic.

Last Wednesday, Karen sounded very much like she was fishing for a free ticket from Manny. She praised him for being humble (“not mayabang”) in spite of his fabulous success in the boxing ring. (Timid he may be in speech, but a big show-off in deed. Many sees his life of luxury – Forbes Park house, private plane, helicopter, mansions in GenSan and in Los Angeles, luxurious camper, and super expensive gifts to his wife and mother – “saksakan ng kayabangan.” Others find his holding a concert where he is the star singer jut an hour or two after a big fight the height of arrogance.) Karen said he is kind to his opponents, pulling back his punches in order not to hurt them. (Manny knocked down the inexperienced and unpolished Chris Algieri several times and by his own admission, he tried to knock Algieri out but failed to do so. He had been wanting to knock out his opponents in the last two years, as his coach Freddie Roach had been goading him to do, to restore himself to the premier ranking he previously enjoyed, except that he has not been successful.)

Karen said during the program last Wednesday that she and Vic love Manny. Karen lamented the small number of tickets given to Manny – 100 – compared to the 600 given Floyd. According to Karen, Manny usually is given by the promoter of his fights more than 100 tickets, which Manny gives to his family and his friends like Lito Atienza. It was at that point when Karen hinted she wanted to see the fight.

Manny, bigyan mo na ng ticket si Karen sa laban mo kay Floyd. Hindi niya sinabi na bigyan mo siya ng ticket. Pero, halatang halata sa pananalita niya, umaasa siya sa iyo ng libreng ticket.


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