Noynoy Aquino and Purisima

In the early morning of August 28, 1987, elements of the Reform the Armed Forces Movement led by Col. Gringo Honasan attacked the president’s palace, Malacanang. A number of military personnel and civilians were wounded. One of the casualties was President Cory Aquino’s son, Noynoy, the present President.

He was out that night and was on his way back to Malacanang at the time the rebel soldiers were engaged in a firefight with members of the Presidential Security Group. The security detail accompanying him protected him by pushing him down to the ground and falling on top of him to take the bullets if they were directed towards Noynoy. One did hit him.

One of those who protected the Presidential son was Jose Angel Honrado, Commanding Officer of the Presidential Escort. The Intelligence Officer/Commanding Officer of the Presidential Group at that time was Alan Purisima.

Most people, who were loyal to their heroine, Tita Cory, assumed that Noynoy, being a bachelor, was out that night having good wholesome fun. But detractors of President Cory insinuated something sinister about Noynoy’s night out that eventful night. Where Noynoy went and what he did the night of August 27, 1987 has remained a mystery. Honrado and Purisima never shed light on that nocturnal trip of Noynoy.

The plot has thickened with Pres. Aquino’s retention of Honrado as the general manager of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in spite of Honrado’s many blunders and failings as head of the country’s main airport and of Purisima as PNP chief in spite of many questions about the free construction of his official residence in Camp Crame and the huge discount he got on the purchase of a luxury car. The Ombudsman had him suspended for a questionable purchase of equipment for the PNP.

GMA News has reported that based on documents submitted by the company to the Security and Exchange Commission, Ma Ramona Lydia Purisima and Eumir Purisima, wife and son respectively of the PNP chief, are among the incorporators of JH&A Innovative Manufacturing Corporation. The Articles of Incorporation of the JH&A showed that its primary purpose was to “manufacture, refurbish, and rebuild quality firearms and ammunition to be sold primarily to the Armed Forces of the Philippine, Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), other law enforcement agencies of the government and to local government units.”
The company was incorporated on February 7, 2005. Noynoy Aquino, a known gun aficionado, was a member of the House of Representatives at the time. One can’t help but wonder if Noynoy has any connection to the business.


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