Bizarre nicknames

The much publicized wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera drew varied reactions from Americans ranging from disbelief to curiosity, from snickers to erotic thoughts.   Its being billed as a “royal wedding” had nothing to do with it. It is more the bridegroom’s nickname that elicited the odd reactions from Americans.

Many could not understand why a man would accept such a nickname.   Some wondered if he was called Dingdong because of a distinctive attribute of a part of him.   There are those who were simply amused by the actor’s nickname, while others were induced to imagine racy scenarios.  These varied reactions stemmed from Americans only because “dingdong” is American slang for the male reproductive organ.  So, are “ding” and “dong.”   Among Pinoys the more popular slang words for that anatomical part are “cock” and “prick.”  So to Americans, calling the “royal” bridegroom Dingdong is like calling him Cock Dantes or Prick Dantes.

Americans had difficulty understanding why a man would accept a nickname like Prick or Cock or Dingdsong.  It is like Pinoys calling Dingdong “Ari.”   Some probably wondered if Dingdong is called that because he has a large private part.  There was a television comedian in the 1970s who was called “Ilong” because he had an oversized nose.

There are those who simply find the nickname Dingdong a joke as Pinoys  would find the nickname  ”Ari” funny.   And I am sure the name induced many Americans to draw various scenarios of the “dingdong” in animated state on wedding night.

But at least a man is called Dingdong.  What would be more puzzling to an American is a man nicknamed Beaver.  Beaver in American vernacular refers to the female reproductive organ.   The son-in-law of a former president is called that – Beaver.  Equally baffling to Americans is why a woman would respond to the name Dinky.  Dinky”” or dink”” is another slang word for the male reproductive part.

Speaking of slang words for anatomical parts, one of my close friends when I was a student in the States was nicknamed Peching.  We from Pampanga called him Pekpek.  Peching is Kapampangan slang for pekpek. Our friend’s real name is Felicisimo.  He married a runner-up in the Miss Philippines pageant.

Sen. Ralph Recto’s father was called Pekpek by his college friends.  I tend to think the nickname was derived from his baptismal name of Rafael.  It could not have been linked to the female body part because the Rectos are from Batangas and all Batnaguenos are machos.

I had an officemate whose last name was Poquis.  Everybody in the  referred to him as “Plural.”  He had his last name changed by order of a Manila judge to one of the common Spanish surnames.

Speaking of anatomical parts, female nipples are referred to as “tits” in American street language.  There are many Pinays called Tits, short for Tita.  Americans think girls called Tits must have peculiar nipples.  A less known slang word for female nipple is ”nini.”  There are more Pinays called Nini than girls called Tits.  Americans must be thinking there is something unusual about Pinay nipples for so many girls to be called Nini . The most famous of them is a daughter of a revered president of the country.

There was a girl who came to me for a job.  When I asked her what her last name was, she said shyly, “Panty.”  She would not have been shy if she pronounced her last name right.  The spelling of her name was Pante. Obviously she was from a region where the ”ë”and  ”i”ounds are interchanged.


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