Broadcast Programs

I missed the TV coverage of the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub-committee hearing on the alleged overpriced Makati City buildings last Tuesday morning.   I tuned in to DZMM’s Pasada Sais Trenta to hear some of the highlights of the proceedings of the committee.  Program host Karen Davila usually interviews the personalities who figured prominently in the session.  Unfortunately, Karen was absent that Tuesday afternoon.    Her co-host, Vic Lima, didn’t touch at all on the committee’s hearing earlier in the day.  I didn’t expect him to. 

As I had written before, Vic is capable of commenting on police and traffic matters only.  And that is exactly what he did that afternoon in the first 30 minutes of the program: talk about vehicular accidents caused by drunk drivers and major road repairs in many parts of Metro Manila.   As usual, the second half of the one-hour program was crammed with commercials.  Without Karen, who usually belabors some points in her discussions with her interviewees, often making me wish I could tell her, “enough already, end interview,” there was still time for commentary after like 20 minutes of commercials, the traffic update, and flash reports. 

But it was obvious Vic had run out of things to say because he asked Bea, the traffic reporter, if she had “knock, knock” jokes to tell.  That is what they did the previous day – exchange “knock, knock” jokes.  When Bea said she had none, Vic counted down, “Ang oras 5:28. TJ 5:29 na.  5:30.” Pathetic. 

And to think that program is a Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA) winner this year!   ABS-CBN or Gaby Lopez must owe him a lot to keep him on the broadcast panel. 

Good thing the program that followed, Dos Por Dos of Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja, talked about the Blue Ribbon hearing that day. The following day, Ted Failon discussed at length and in depth  an aspect – the  ownership of  land in Batangas –  of the  hearing.   I wish Failon would refrain from accompanying his comments with comical sound effects.  They trivialize his substantive comments. He also spends too much time on his “black pack” portion of the program. 

Speaking of Catholic Mass Media awardees, they seem to be  “dalawa cinco.”  If you tune in to ABS-CBN programs, or GMA-7’s, or TV 5’s, their programs seem to be all awardees, even if the programs have the same format, like the news program.  For instance, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho of GMA 7 was the winner for Best News Magazine last year.   Failon Ngayon of ABS CBN 2 was a finalist in that category.  But Failon Ngayon was winner for Best News Commentary that same year. 

How did it happen that Failon Ngayon was both finalist and winner in the same year?   Well, it was finalist in the television category, winner in the radio category.   

I have not heard or read that PBA on Sports5  is a CMMA awardee.   Maybe because they had the sccreaming and inarticulaste Atty.  Rado Dimalibot in the broadcast panel last year.  But he is gone.  He was dropped from the panel before the start of the last PBA conference.   If play-by-play announcer Charlie Cuna and game analysts Eric Reyes and Dominique Uy can put more life into their coverage of the games, Sports 5 of TV 5 might win an award from CMMA.   

Magoo Marjon’s superb call of the classic San Miguel Beer-Ginebra San Miguel last Sunday should be the standard in the coverage of the PBA games.  The excitement in Magoo’s  voice last Sunday matched the  excitement of the game itself.    Maybe Magoo can cure his artificial American twang – he says “geoud” instead of “gud.”   He talks like that girl in the Dove shampoo commercial – shwarz shwarz English – though not as badly. 


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