Of Ads & ANC

There is a provision in the Advertising Board of the Philippines Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations for Advertising and Sales Promotions that bans direct comparison advertising.  Direct comparison advertising is comparing two or more specifically named brands and makes a comparison of the two, the company that placed the ad claiming that its brand is superior to the other.

The Advertising Board was dissolved some months ago.  So, there is no more body governing the advertising industry that would enforce that provision of the industry’s Code of Ethics. Kimberly-Clark can now say Kotex’ New Freedom is better and Pepsi Cola Philippines can say again that half of Royal Tru-Orange drinkers prefer Mirinda.   That is what two ads said many years ago before direct comparison advertising was banned. 

The Advertising Standards Council, which operates under the auspices of the consortium of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers/Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines/Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster, may continue to ban such advertising.   But there are many advertisers who are not members of the association of advertisers.  The broadcast networks may ban such advertising because they are part of the consortium, but the billboard companies, cinemas, and the internet/mobile phone advertising media are outside the purview of the consortium and the ASC.   

We also foresee giant billboards around the Guadalupe Bridge and the Magallanes Interchange displaying again salacious ads for liquor brands, ladies’ underwear, and personal care products.     

Speaking of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster, it should do something about the number of commercials aired in the DZMM Teleradyo Sais Trenta program.  A listener complained that program hosts Karen Davila and Vic Lima are not able to discuss raging issues sufficiently because too many commercials take up too many minutes of the one-hour program.  Davila and Lima themselves grumble about the number of commercials squeezed into the program.

On Tuesday, November 11, Karen used up the first half of the program discussing with Sen. Trillanes the implications of VP Binay withdrawing his challenge to Trillanes to a debate. But it seemed that 23 minutes of the second half were devoted to commercials.  With the traffic update and a news report squeezed in,  Karen and Vic were left with only a couple of minutes, just enough to read a few text messages from the listeners before they had to sign off.  Karen sounded gruff when she signed off. . 

Well, maybe some ABS-CBN executive can tell Vic Lima to cut out his time wasting jokes.   They are not even corny.  They are plain nonsense.  Tuesday Karen mentioned the name Bonifacio in connection with a news item.   Vic asked, “Any relation to Camp?”  He could not even get his reference right.  He should have said, “Any relation to Fort?’

He should also be told to refrain from butting in with his hollow comments or irrelevant questions.  When the White House, the PNP chief’s official residence in Camp Crame, was the subject of discussion, he asked, “Can PNP Chief Purisima move into the house since it is now the subject of investigation?” As if the investigation was about a crime committed in the house, in which case the place should be off limits. 

But what can be said about Vic Lima is that he has a better voice and his delivery sharper than those of ANC’s Ron Cruz, and his diction is more distinct and his delivery more zesty than those of ANC’s Karmina Constantino and Caroline Howard, both of whom appear and sound uneasy with the English language. 

With his baritone voice, good diction, and forceful delivery, Vic Lima would make a suitable field reporter for ANC.  However, he should be assigned to cover either Camp Crame or the MMDA, and no other beat.   He is knowledgeable about police and traffic matters only. 

Speaking of ABS-CBN, it should conduct seminars/workshops on pronunciation or phonetics regularly for its anchors and reporters.  I can’t understand why Ted Failon says “Sodern”  as in “Sodern Philippines” when all his fellow reporters say it correctly as “Southern.”  “Category, ceremony, and candidacy” are words mispronounced by most ABS-CBN reporters, by most Filipinos for that matter.  But broadcast people should have perfect pronunciation.  That is essential to their work. 

They should also be told that power outage should not be referred to as “brownout.”  Blackout is the right word.  “Brownout” refers to the reduction in voltage so that light from bulbs becomes dim or brownish.     At one time, when there was blackout in the whole Luzon island, Karen Davila kept on referring to the power failure as brownout.  I called someone at ABS-CBN to tell her the right word is “blackout.”  I think she got embarrassed because she clamped up after my call.


3 thoughts on “Of Ads & ANC

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    There is really something wrong with that guy. And he’s even reaping awards for the station!
    By the way how is the adultery case filed against the girlfriend and him at some regional trial court going?


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